Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hats for a Cure

Hey, all! I'm making beanies to raise money for my local Relay for Life event by the American Cancer Society! So far I have had 4 hats ordered and would love to have more!!

The top 3  I ended up donating to the Children's Hospital here in the Valley when my oldest was there in April.  The 2nd picture went to the cutest little girl :0) Pic 3 is the beginnings of Wendy's hat, I had to put it down to work on a baby blanket for a friend. And Pic 4 is one of the completed hats for Cameron and the beginnings of her slouch beanie. So much fun!

Blanket for Baby AQT

Here are shots of the soft and comfy blanket I made for my cousin's new baby, Allyson, who will be here anytime now!! I also made a cute lil beanie for her and finished it @ the shower :0)

She will be the first girl born since her mamma, Megan, was 29 years ago!! Going to be spoiled by both sides of the family!! Brightest blessings on their family!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

newborn sleeping cap

And here is a newborn sleeping cap I'm working on for a co-worker who's daughter just had a baby. I can't wait til it's done and see the pics of the lil one in it!!

Kern Baby Blanket

Our family's good friends, Bear & Amy are having their 4th little girl soon and so I made a blanket for her :0) I used a variegated ribbon yarn and some fuzzy baby yarn. As soon as I get some pink and I see them again I will put her name on it for them, too.

I really enjoyed making this as it has the different textures between the two yarns!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Changes around here...

Well, since I've stopped having a home based business and I ALWAYS have a project unfinished around the house, I'm gonna use this space as a place to show ya'll what I've gotten finished!  Right now I'm working on 3 baby blankets, 2 pairs of baby booties, a doggie sweater and I always have some beads in some form of necklace or bracelet :) so, you will see what I get finished and a pattern to go w/ it, if I've used one!!

Hope you like my shares & that you have a creative kinda day!!