Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finished Circle Motif Shawl

It's done! My sis-in-law's shawl was done for our visit to her which is also her birthday! 

Happy bday, Jamie! So happy you like it!

(The pictures with the shirt were in more light than my camera flash needed whereas the folded ones had the flash used.)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Floral Motif Wrap

I am currently attempting making a floral motif wrap for my sister-in-law. I've never made anything like this and it's reminding me a lot of a bunch of doilies attached together or a table cloth. She had picked out the yarn when she was out here for our oldest's h.s. graduation in June.

5 rows down, 4 more to go and then I get to add the smaller motifs.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wedding Dress Recreated

So, I was given the challenge of taking a wedding dress from around the 60's....maybe, lol, and recreating a more modern one for the granddaughter.   I, unfortunately, didn't take a picture of the original tho hope to get a copy of one when I also get a pic of the granddaughter in this one! Imagine the original with big poofy sleeves, a ruffle around the V-neck and a very long train! The front of the skirt is from the long train of the original and the back of the skirt is from the sides of the original. For the bodice, I removed the big puffy sleeves, moved the beaded lace piece up off the waist and made it into a drop waist instead of the princess waist it was originally. I also added the free-standing lace all around the neckline.

Here's the recreation:
#retrotonew #vintage #wedding #somethingborrowed

Recent Crochet Projects

Recent crochet projects completed. The burgundy beanie is a 'Baby Turban' and so easy to make!
 This brown & peach creation is for my cousin's newest addition to their family, Katelynn. I made 2 hats since she will need one now and later. :D

 These two 'watermelon' beanies were fun to make. My Sis-in-law took the bigger one and the smaller will be donated to the Children's Hospital in Madera, CA along with the Lil red one which fits a newborn.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Jewel Kade party closes this Saturday. ..Please help me reach my goal of getting the double heart necklace and one charm! Find your new Spring Bling!

Go to www.bethcolbert.jewelkade.com and find your new Spring Bling then attach it to my party 'Stephanie's JK Party' by Saturday night. Thank you for helping me!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Recent Creations

Sorry I haven't kept this up, I got a new phone and couldn't remember the account it was associated with! So, here are a few of my latest creations!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hats for a Cure

Hey, all! I'm making beanies to raise money for my local Relay for Life event by the American Cancer Society! So far I have had 4 hats ordered and would love to have more!!

The top 3  I ended up donating to the Children's Hospital here in the Valley when my oldest was there in April.  The 2nd picture went to the cutest little girl :0) Pic 3 is the beginnings of Wendy's hat, I had to put it down to work on a baby blanket for a friend. And Pic 4 is one of the completed hats for Cameron and the beginnings of her slouch beanie. So much fun!